Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus 2.1

A popular download manager


  • Significantly increase download speed
  • Schedule and queue downloads
  • Automatically categorized downloads


  • Not as good as the Windows version
  • Clipboard recognition buggy


Download Accelerator Plus is a download accelerator and manager for Mac.

If you are a frequent internet downloader, you might want to check out Download Accelerator Plus, a download tool that takes over from your default browser’s download manager, giving you increased speed and control.

When you click on a download link, you’ll see that a Download Accelerator Plus has been integrated into your browser as an add-on. A DAP window pops up where your Firefox or other browser window would normally appear and from there downloads automatically to the Download Accelerator Plus folder.

Download Accelerator Plus is also full of handy features that make downloading much easier. There are two interface views, user-friendly and advanced, and the program can repair broken downloads automatically, which saves time and effort. One of the best features is the ability to schedule and queue downloads, which is especially useful for users with a high download volume.

Many of us will never need or want to know about half of the options Download Accelerator Plus provides, but for those who do, they’re great to have.

Download Accelerator Plus - a customizable download accelerator manager for frequent downloaders.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a download manager that increases download speed and reliability. It searches for mirror sites that will most effectively serve your downloads and establish multiple connections from a single or multiple servers for optimal utilization of dial-up or broadband connections.

In addition, DAP increases the reliability of the download process, it automatically recovers from shutdowns, lost connections, and other errors, thus DAP overcomes download interruptions and allows you to resume an interrupted download rather than start it all over again. DAP is fully integrated into the browser, and features a set of convenience features such as: auto-hang-up after download, proxy settings and scheduling.

Download Accelerator Plus


Download Accelerator Plus 2.1

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